A mobile app that improves the sleep of the baby and that of the whole family.


Marine transport

Digitup members secretly use the Lullabai app to combat occasional sleeplessness.

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Client's need

ACSM has asked us to completely redesign their website as the current one is outdated in terms of style and content. The new one must be thought and designed with a new approach and with the latest technologies. Also with the main objective of standing out among its competitors in the international market.

What we achieved

Crear un diseño único, simple y minimalista, aplicandole las últimas tendencias del mundo de diseño y los iconos personalizados especialmente para ACSM. Hemos combinado tipografías grandes y fotografías de alta calidad para crear mensajes impactantes para que sus usuarios puedan procesar la información fácilmente. La web actual es completamente responsive y con un sistema de diseño definido y preparado para ser actualizado de forma automatica.

We used

  • User experience
  • Interface design
  • Web design
  • Responsive design
  • Design system
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