The Good Goal

Technology and gamification working together for planet care.

The Good Goal is the app that challenges you to be more sustainable. It helps you understand and reduce the impact of your actions and improves your sustainable habits in an accessible, easy, and motivating way. Through weekly challenges, you can develop new habits and accumulate savings in CO2, water, and waste. We must change our habits to reduce the negative impact they cause on the environment before it's too late.


Hybrid app development using Ionic
Backend development
HTML/CSS Layout Design
Push Notifications
API Integration
Backoffice Developmen
Social Media Authentication
We've not only successfully developed and launched a hybrid mobile app that's making waves in the market, but we've also built a bespoke SAAS platform tailored to the specific needs of each client. By offering flexibility, the app and SAAS platform can adapt to the unique situation of every organization, delivering truly customized solutions.


"Partnering with Digitup for the development of The Good Goal app was crucial since we were at a very early stage and needed to speed up the development to continue validating in the market."
Nadia De La Fuente
COO, Product Director
Co-Founder at The Good Goal
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