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Mobile app that helps parents monitor their children's digestive health.


Health education and risk prevention

Digitup keeps good memories of this project and is excited to receive more proposals of this type, where in addition to helping the client, we make life easier for many people.

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Client's need

Design and develop an application for smartphones to help parents and youngsters decrease their visits to the hospital. The app is directed to help exclusively patients with pediatric inflammatory bowel disease. They required a high level of usability and use of simplified language reviewed by healthcare professionals.

What we achieved

Envision, design and develop a hybrid application, with the support of health personnel and based on international consensus guidelines on the specific disorder. Furthermore, we imported several functionalities to help the patient incorporate the use of the application in their day to day.

We used

  • User experience
  • Interface design
  • Mobile app design
  • Ionic hybrid app development
  • HTML/CSS layout
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