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Since 2018, we have helped launching over 30 incredible mobile apps

Digitup's purpose is to drive client success through top-quality solutions while ensuring we have a good time doing it.
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With unwavering dedication and motivation, we fully immerse ourselves in the process, thriving in our element!
Having a
good time
We value a positive work environment and foster both professional and relaxed relationships with our team and clients.
Only high
We meticulously organize our work, optimize our time, and prioritize effectively to achieve our set objectives.
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Confident and collaborative, we explore diverse solutions as a team, embracing humility and seeking help when needed.
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to date
We thrive on innovation and draw inspiration from our surroundings. Sharing and offering new alternatives is what we love to do.
We celebrate a unique blend of experiences and cultures that we've incorporated into our journey.

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Custom-fit investment strategies in pension plans and funds, based on clients' profile
Coming soon

The Good Goal

Coming soon

Scouz by AS

Coming soon

Tasaciones.com by Tasatio

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"Partnering with Digitup for the development of The Good Goal app was crucial since we were at a very early stage and needed to speed up the development to continue validating in the market."
Nadia De La Fuente
COO, Product Director
Co-founder at The Good Goal
"We needed to develop the app Scouz by as. They carried it out to perfection, meeting quality standards. Professionalism, proximity, and the ability to adapt quickly are what I would highlight."
Santiago Cano Herranz
Founder at Scouz by As
"We hired Digitup to develop a mobile and web app from scratch in a hybrid language. The challenge was significant since it was an application with very complex logic and functionalities that we had to evolve during different phases."
Jorge Molina
Manager at JusticiApp
"Digitup helped us develop the application from scratch, including UX and UI, and the inner workings of the Tasaciones.com app. They especially assisted us in defining the operational flow and how we could translate it into the code itself."
Juan Uribarri
Co-founder at Tasaciones.com
"With Digitup Studio, we successfully completed a strategic project for us, which was our mobile app. There have been numerous challenges that arose throughout the project, and we tackled them satisfactorily together."
Angel Perea
Project manager at SGAE
We are eager to learn about your organization and to help you achieve a well-defined out-
of-the-box visual strategy
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